Why Chase a cloud?

Thank you for choosing the Chase a cloud team as your storyteller partner. We just love the smell of a new project around the corner … like a fresh bread out of the oven!

So let’s get this going, right?

Our goal is to set the stage for perfect collaboration between clients and artists. We always strive to get the best out of a project … to create a story that works and we can all be proud of.

Those pages are designed for that purpose in mind. They provide thorough information on the project scope, approach, technology, execution, costs and legal agreement.  They are the collective wisdom of hundreds of past projects, lessons we have learn … most of them – the hard way.

We know it looks scary and complex, but don’t worry, we are here to hold your hand through the entire journey.

We invest a lot of passion, thoughts and efforts in our work. Sometimes it is tough, most of the time – it is fun, but one thing’s sure – it is never boring!

Videos Made
TImes cursed at our computers
Times having fun